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Understanding and Preventing Guyed Tower Failure Due to Anchor Shaft Corrosion

By Craig Synder, President of Sioux Falls Tower Specialists, Inc

Towers have been popularly used to support various antenna systems since the 1940s with very little attention given to corrosion of buried tower components. Many tower facilities are coming of age and the problem of anchor shaft corrosion is now becoming an industry issue.

This paper analyzes the causes of anchor shaft corrosion and gives the means of protecting existing and future towers against the catastrophic effects of corrosion. We have broken the paper into the following sections for easier browsing. If you'd rather download this paper as a PDF file, click here. To view a PDF file, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free here.

Introduction | History | What is Corrosion? | How does the corrosion cell affect anchor supports?
How can corrosion be mitigated on anchors? | Corrosion on existing structures | Summary


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