Anchor Inspection

Anchor Inspection

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Over the years AnchorGuard has seen and heard of a wide variety of inspection methodologies everything from complete excavation with temporary anchorage to snapping a picture of the anchor above ground. Since AnchorGuard has evolved as the experts on underground corrosion of guy anchors, we have put our knowledge to good use and created an anchor inspection standard and other useful documents to help our customers and others with a common sense approach to inspecting anchors. 

The following standard meets all the requirements of ANSI/TIA 222-G. While the standard is adopted on a voluntary basis, the tower industry stands to benefit by utilizing the experience and knowledge of the leaders in the industry on the subject of corrosion control. 

The Anchor Inspection Standard is accompanied by three flow charts designed to help someone decide if their guyed towers need the protection the AnchorGuard systems offers.

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