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The Corrosion Severity Factor (CSF) was developed to enable the inspector in the field to easily transmit a description of the corrosion condition of a buried steel tower anchor. The CSF is determined by the following criteria

The CSF Rating is determined by the worst part of the anchor!

CSF 1:
Galvanizing in tact, no signs of rust, no cross sectional material loss. Anchors rated CSF 1 should be monitored in the future during regular tower inspections.

CSF 2:
Galvanizing slightly to mostly gone, rust spots prevalent, minor pitting or flaking, no cross sectional material loss. Additional corrosion control is highly recommended.

CSF 3:
Galvanizing mostly to completely gone, heavily corroded, deep pitting, large areas of flaking, measurable cross sectional material loss. Anchors rated CSF 3 require additional corrosion control methods and may require repair or replacement.

Replacement may be warranted. The CSF can help you determine the necessity of installing AnchorGuard®. If a CSF of 2 is found at a depth of two feet below grade, AnchorGuard is recommended. When a CSF of 3 or higher is found at a depth of two feet below grade on any tower, further inspection is highly advisable and installation of AnchorGuard is recommended.


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