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Should You Invest in AnchorGuard?

AnchorGuard Corrosion Control System for Tower Anchors is appropriate for virtually all guy anchors as a precautionary measure. The AnchorGuard System is strongly advised if you answer true to any of the following questions:

  • Corrosion is present below grade on the anchors in question or other adjacent structures, or underground corrosion has previously been identified as a problem in the area. For Example, see our Corrosion Severity Factor.
  • Tower grounding incorporates more than one copper ground rod at each anchor and more than three at the tower base, or tower is to be electrically connected to other buried structures, i.e. fencing, buildings, buried tanks, underground power cables, etc.
  • Tower anchors are subject to stray current generated from sources such as adjacent buried pipelines or other cathodically protected structures, welding or plating facilities, electrified railways or other sources of artificially induced ground current.
  • Tower is located near electrical substation or other highly grounded facility.
  • Guy anchors are located in water, saturated soil or soil rich in salts.
  • The tower site is located where fertilization of vegetation is common.

If you answered any of the above true, we suggest you consider AnchorGuard to prevent corrosion. Look up the face dimension of your tower below to find the model number you will need. Click on the model number to see a full description or click order to purchase the product.

Tower Size Model Number
Equal to or less than 18" face tower AG2
19" through 60" face tower AG3
Equal to or greater than 61" face tower AG4


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