Providing a Solution

Iron ore requires energy or processing to be converted into steel and subsequently into anchor shafts. Because the steel in the anchor shafts is highly processed, it has a natural tendency to return to its native state - Iron Oxide. This process is known as corrosion or rusting.

Although coatings and galvanizing can assist in limiting corrosion, they can not be considered adequate corrosion control by themselves in soil. A small anomaly in a coating can focus corrosion in the unprotected area with the potential to cause accelerated anchor failure. Galvanizing is designed to protect in atmospheric conditions and will expend itself too rapidly in soil. Watch the Corrosion Process on a typical, unprotected Guy Anchor Shaft.

The AnchorGuard system is pre-engineered and provides a solution to all the corrosive conditions that might pose a threat to tower anchors. The system uses the known variables of the corrosion cell to re-direct corrosion away from where it is not wanted. Watch our AnchorGuard Animation to see how.

AnchorGuard's permanent reference cell and test-head allow for quick and easy measurement to ensure the anchors are protected. The system is easy to install on new and existing towers, and provides protection that meets or exceeds the tower industry standards.

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